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Preparing for my seminar on XMPP

Today, i got a nice paper about the eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protcol at The main motive of me reading this, is my seminar about XMPP in computer networks class on 31 of this month. however, I am also … Continue reading

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Thinking of developing a new DHCP server..

Today, i thought of developing(implementing) a DHCP server and started to read out the Dynamic Host Configurations Protocol’s Request for comments(RFC) at and i think i will start the work by this weekend. Before, starting the coding process, i … Continue reading

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Waste of Time…

From Yesterday, My DNS servers ( , given by BSNL (ISP) was not functioning and i had no means to reach the internet. But due to luck, one of my PC has cached the ip-address of and with … Continue reading

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