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HBase and Eclispe IDE integration

In this post, we will be creating a sample HBase project in Eclipse IDE. It is required to have a local working instance of HBase (mine is 0.20.6 version) and Eclipse Helios version. I assume that you are aware of … Continue reading

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Using openssl for generating a SHA1 Hash

Today, i stumbled a website, where it had some good resource of generating a SHA1 hash of a file using the executable command ‘openssl’. SHA1 is a Hash used for checking the integrity of the file. The command for generating … Continue reading

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IBM Workshop on POWER7 proved to be useful

Today, i along with my friends attended the IBM Workshop on IBM POWER7 architecture was really good. The workshop was held at MIT (Just a few streets from my home :-)) and we really got a good exposure on various … Continue reading

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Thinking of developing a new DHCP server..

Today, i thought of developing(implementing) a DHCP server and started to read out the Dynamic Host Configurations Protocol’s Request for comments(RFC) at and i think i will start the work by this weekend. Before, starting the coding process, i … Continue reading

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My Laptop is nearly dead..

Today, i messed up with my laptop. It all started by learning to create a Debian bootable USB stick as given in and at the step of extracting the boot.img.gz file, i gave /dev/sda which is my laptop hard … Continue reading

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Gizmowave site setup finished …

The prolonged template work for the official blog Gizmowave, which will post technical contents is finally done and blog posting will start from tomorrow. Hope that the new template is nice and clean…

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